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3D Printing in Plastic, Resin and Nylon Powder

Laser Cutting and CNC in plastics, metals, and others
Medical Prototype

What is included with Prototyping

Final, high quality, functional prototypes.
  • Physical Prototypes

    Prototypes in polymer, resin, metal and wood
  • Technology Integration

    Selection and integration of the various prototyping technologies
  • Finishing

    Finishing of prototypes to make them look just like the final product

Prototyping in Numbers

Iterate fast, validate faster
  • 438K 3D Printing hours
  • 9 Prototyping Technologies
  • 29 In-House Machines

Rapid Prototyping

Our in-house prototyping facility equipped with FDM, SLA, DLP, SLS, PBF and DED Additive Manufacturing (Plastics, Resins and Metals) combined with Laser Cutting (Woods, Cloths, Corks and Acrylics) allows the fast manufacturing of your prototypes and low-series batches (1-50 units). As part of the technical commission for Additive Manufacturing (regulating norms and certifications for "3D Printing") we make sure your parts will be manufactured with the highest quality standards.

Minimum Viable Product

A minimum-viable-product (MVP) integrates both off the-shelf components such as electronics, springs, nuts and bolts with prototyped mechanical components to create a product that is a viable test of the functionality for the final product. This interactive prototype is created with the minimum budget to test all the hypothesis, get feedback from relevant stakeholders and refine the product early-on. This saves you time, money end gives the stakeholders confidence to adopt your solution from the start.

One Stop Shop

We will always recommend the best material and technology at every stage :)
  • sls prototyping

    Selective Laser Syntering

    Materials: Thermoplastic powders (Nylon 6, Nylon 11, Nylon 12, TPU)

    Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.3% (lower limit ±0.3 mm)

    Common Applications: Functional parts, complex ducting (hollow designs), low-run part production

    Strengths: Functional parts, excellent mechanical properties, complex geometries

    Weaknesses: High cost for large parts (>200mm)

  • sla prototyping


    Materials: Photopolymer resins (industrial, castable, transparent, biocompatable and others)

    Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.5% (lower limit ±0.15 mm)

    Common Applications: Injection mold-like prototypes; wearables prototypes, jewelry casting; dental applications

    Strengths: Smooth surface finish, fine feature details

    Weaknesses:Expensive for big parts, lower mechanical properties

  • fdm prototyping

    Fused Deposition Modeling

    Materials: Plastic filament (PLA, ABS, PET, PETG, TPU, Nylon, ASA, PC, HIPS, Carbon Fiber, and many more.

    Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.5% (lower limit ±0.5 mm)

    Common Applications: Electrical housings, form and fit testings, figs and fixtures, investment casting patterns, etc.

    Strengths: Lowest cost 3D printing method, wide range of materials

    Weaknesses: Lower dimencional accuracy, lower surface finishing quality
  • laser cut prototyping

    Laser Cutting

    Materials to Cut: Acrylic, Leather, Cardboard, Paper, MDF, Rubber Stamp, Wooden planks

    Materials to Engrave: Acrylic, Glass, Aluminum not anodized, Ceramic, Leather, Brick, MDF, Cardboard, Rubber stamp, Foam, Wood, Marble and granite, Metals, Plastics

    Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.1% (lower limit ±0.1 mm)

    Common Applications: Casings and boxes, jigs and fixtures, gifts, supports, furniture.

    Strengths: High speed, low cost, high resolution, material flexibility.

    Weaknesses: Slower for thicker sheets of material
  • cnc prototyping

    CNC Machinning

    Materials: Metals, Plastics, Woods, Cork, Rubber, Foam

    Dimensional Accuracy: ±0.1% (lower limit ±0.1 mm)

    Common Applications: Final products, engineering products, low series manufacturing

    Strengths: Wide range of materials, high accuracy.

    Weaknesses: Design limitations, high cost for medium to high productions
  • Describe your project

    Let us know what is the function of your product; what forces and conditions will the prototype be subjected to; what finishing do you require and how many units do you need.
  • Get free improvement opportunities

    Our engineering team will contact you for a quick briefing to give you insights on what materials, technologies and processes are optimal. Together we will make a decision.
  • Start Manufacturing

    You will receive a quote and when we have your ok, your parts will be prototyped and devilered, FAST!
  • rubber prototyping
  • laser-cut lettering
  • medial device mvp
  • bike share prototype
  • archaeological 3D printed replica
  • glove prototype

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